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What is Grace?

In the Bible, Grace is an important word. Last time we talked about the trade. God gives anyone the free gift of salvation in exchange for their sins. It is a choice that must be made and received. That gift is the grace of God. It is an "I love you" gift from God.

A gift is not earned. Grace is totally a gift from God.  He does 100%, the person does zero percent. Maybe that it is why it is hard. Everybody feels that they need to do their part.

You can have eternal life, and the promise of God to go to heaven one day and that is great. But grace is not just the gift of eternal life. It is the power of God in your life everyday. 

Someone said that it is hard to live the Christian life. It is not hard, it is impossible. Becoming a Christian does not make you perfect. It gives you the desire to be perfect. You should want to please God.

Remember the trade, or exchanged life, means that your life now belongs to God. That means that He is responsible for it. The same is true in the life of each Christian. God does 100%, while the person does zero percent.

 How does that happen? To be saved, you admit that you cannot do it. You surrender to God 100%. Living the Christian life is the same. You admit that you cannot live the Christian life. Then you surrender to God 100%. 

Grace is God saving you. And then grace is God living His life through you. God has a plan for your life, but it is your choice to surrender to Him. And then fully trust Him and follow His directions. You will be glad that you did.


That was a good trade!

Have you received a gift for Christmas or your birthday, and had to take it back? You took a game back because you already had it, and  got one you really wanted. Or maybe it was shoes or a shirt that was the wrong size. You found one you really liked.

You were happy to exchange them. You took something that was not worth that much to you, and came out better.

Mom and dad have done that with a car. They took an old car, with a lot of miles on it, and traded it in for a new one. 

The Braves traded some players this year, hoping to get a player that they need more. Teams try to trade a bench player from their team  to get a starter that they need. They exchanged a player to improve their standing.

Sometimes people upgrade the seat on a plane. They like it better in first class.

Young people have been known to trade a sandwich at lunch time in school. They made a good trade.

Jesus offers you a trade. In the Bible, it says that Jesus gave His life for you. He died on the cross for your sins, and offers you a gift. He is willing to take your sins, and give you eternal life. This is a trade open to anyone! It does not matter how old you are, or how young you are.

It is an exchange where you win for sure. That is a wining trade.

In the Bible, in Galatians, Jesus says that it is no longer your life, it is His. Then He gives you His eternal life. Who would not make a trade like that? You can have eternal life in heaven one day with Jesus.

That eternal life really begins when you ask Jesus to forgive your sins. Heaven is just a bonus for later. 

Are you willing to make that trade? Then do it right now. Do not wait to make that exchange. You know what happens when you put things off to do them later. Make that good trade for yourself right now.


Who is your best Friend?

Do you have a good friend that you tell everything?  You can talk for hours talking about all kinds of things. 

It seems like you never run out of things to talk about.  

You can tell them the good things and the bad things that happened to you. You tell them everything that someone said. You even tell them things that you would not tell your mom and dad.  

It is special to have someone like that to talk to, all the time. It is nice to have someone that will listen to you. They want to hear all the details.  

Every Christian has a friend like that. Not every Christian realizes that. Jesus wants to be like that for  them all the time. 

You can tell Him the good things and the bad things that happen to you. You can tell Him all the things that someone said, especially about you. He hears, and listens, and cares.

He will love you even when no one else seems to care. He always has time for you. He is a big God. 

He is THE best friend that anybody could ever have. He loves you when you do good, and He still loves you when you choose to do or say something bad.

It is hard to understand God. It is hard to explain God, and all that He can be and do. I am glad that you do not have to understand how He does everything that He does. You just have to trust Him.

There are a lot of things in this world that I do not understand, but I can accept them anyway. 

When you put your faith and trust in Jesus, everything else fits. Trust Jesus today, and then everyday.  Tell Him about everything in your life. Ask Him any question that you have. Then you must listen to hear His answers for you. 

Let Jesus be your Best Friend.


Can You Spare a Dollar?

Everybody has been asked that at some time.  It may have been a friend, someone on the street, a homeless or a  needy person at a traffic intersection, or a group there collecting for some charity. 

Many organizations ask you for money. There are mailers asking for money, collections at school, or work, and  at the grocery store. 

There many causes that need your money. You must choose which ones you want to help. 

It is true for Christian organizations also. There are projects at church like mission trips, raising money for a building or church on the mission field, and tracts for the missionaries. 

There are local projects also for the church. Things like coats for those in need, special financial help for a member with cancer or some other disease, or a house fire. It may be a building fund, or church van.  

There are many Christian mission groups visiting churches needing support. There are foreign missionaries,  missionaries to special groups like native America reservations, teen ministries, youth ministries, children's ministries, and many others. 

There are civic groups helping special needs people, burn victim's, shelters, disasters events, and blood drives for emergency needs. 

It can be hard choosing which need to support. 

This is also true in your life, when you are choosing what you will do in your life. There are many options.

You may be a good athlete that has to choose which college to attend, or a good student choosing a college. 

You may have a talent in constructing, or working on cars, or cooking, and you have to get more training. 

In your Christian life, you must also make choices. God might want you to be a preacher, or missionary, or staff person for a mission organization. He also has special talents needed in each church, and other mission groups like the Gideons, or FCA.  

There are always needs in this world. There are physical needs, and spiritual needs. You must choose where God wants you to serve. It is not where there is a need. It is where God wants you.

Being successful in life is not measured by the numbers. Although numbers are important, they are not the most important. 

Some people serve in places where there are great opportunities to reach many, while others are in small places where there are still needs. In the Bible, Phillip was reaching many, and God sent him into the desert to reach one. Both were opportunities to serve God and meet a need.  

Begin today, praying, studying, listening, learning, and being open to where God wants you to give, and go, and serve. You will be successful and be used by God in a personal way.


Do You Want To Dive?

Last weekend, Mr. George ran the Skydive marathon in Clewiston, FL. No he did not skydive. But many of the runners did. 

Clewiston is on the south side of Lake Okeechobee. It was a beautiful sight to see the skydivers float down from 13,000 feet in the air. They came out in groups of five with their colorful chutes.  Each runner had an experienced  diver tethered to them for the trip. 

To the spectators, it was a quiet graceful float down to the designated X on the grass next to the runway.  As the day progressed, the winds grew stronger and swirled more.  This made it more of a challenge for the diver to control the flight.  At times, the approach changed directions, as the winds dictated. 

The secret was for the runner to fully trust the diver, and follow the instructions.  As long as the diver had  complete control, the maximum experience was reached for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Anytime the runner tried to adjust or change something, the diver had to make changes to keep the team on a successful course. 

This event is a great illustration of the Christian life. A Christian must put their full trust in the Lord Jesus Christ each day, to reach their maximum potential in life. When a person tries to do it himself, God has to make adjustments. 

To be sure, the divers had experienced problems in the past, and had learned from those adventures.  Each dive had its' problems, and varying conditions. With those experiences, the diver made the trip better for each runner. 

Christians also experience problems in their life, and learn from each one. Then they are able to help you face the challenges in your life. 

God does not want to dictate your life. But He wants to guide you, so that you can reach the maximum potential, and success in your life.  

First you ask Jesus to forgive your sin, and thank Him for dying on the cross for you. Then you need to put your full and complete trust in Him each day to guide you to reach the maximum success in your life. 

You will be glad that you did. As one runner said, What an adventure! I am glad that I did it. You will be also.