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What is Love?

Do you have love?  Do you feel love?  How do you describe love?  Those are easy questions that are hard to answer.

Everybody would like to be loved and have somebody to love. Love is not a feeling or an emotion.

Love is a choice or a decision.

Love will cause feelings and emotions. When you care about someone, you care about their feelings.

You care about the things that happen to them.

The best example of love is when God loves you. It is not because of how good you are. He loves you even when you bad.  That shows true love.

It is much easier to love someone that is nice to you. It is much harder to love the unlovely or the one that is mean to you.

Some people believe that God could never love them because of what they have done.  But Jesus does love everybody.

So you must choose to receive His love, and forgiveness for your sin. Then you will know true love, and the joy and peace that comes after that.

What is your choice?  Everybody will make that choice.  Do it sooner, rather than later.


Graduation Season is Here!

Some are graduating from high school and others are graduating from college. It is a very important time in the  life of any individual.

As children, life was all about having fun. It was a time of learning, growing, and just playing and enjoying life.

Middle school and high school took more work, and taking on more responsibility. Choices became more serious and important.

It may have been things like playing ball, and deciding you did not like ball and trying something else. Or deciding you did like it, and becoming more intense in developing your skills. 

During this time parents, and teachers, and coaches, and church leaders were trying to give you information, and help you develop your interests and skills, and train you to take responsibility. All of this was to prepare you for real life and the challenges that you will face.

The NBA is having their graduation. Well the basketball season was the fun time for the players. The playoffs are  the real life. The first round seemed easy for most teams, as they did not have to work hard to sweep the poorer teams but the second round is like graduation. They have to get serious if they want to be successful.

Most teams have the talent to win. The difference becomes the desire and responsibility of the individuals to push to win. The coaches can try to prepare the players and challenge them to get out there and fight, but they must decide within themselves what they will do.

What will you do when you graduate? You have to make choices. Some choose college, while others start a career but that also takes training. In either case, it is an opportunity for you to use the talents and skills that you have learned.

Your success will depend on how much you listened and learned, and how serious you choose to be.

Some teams take several times before they win the championship. They failed, and learned from that failure.

Most people fail in one area before they find the right area for them. The victory comes from getting up from that failure, and learning, and continuing the battle. 

These principles are true in your family life, in your work life, and in your Christian life. 

So enjoy the graduation time. And then attack life, and give it your best shot. It will be an exciting time.


The Atlanta Hawks are on a Mission!

This season very few people gave the Hawks much of a chance of having a good team. But they had a mission.

Because of that they won over 60 games and are advancing well in the playoffs.

A mission is not just a goal. It is a determination to work, and a drive to do what it takes to reach that goal.

The United States had a mission to get to the moon. It took hard work and determination between a large group of men to make that happen. It was more serious than a goal. Men's lives were at stake. Every detail was important, Each person did more than what was required for the mission to be successful.

A few years ago, a man developed a line of sports clothes. He made some, and loaded his car, and set out to sell them. When he sold those, he came back and made more. The business has become a multimillion dollar business.

It was successful because he believed in his product. He was not just a salesman. He knew his product was quality, and others would benefit from wearing it.

His company went from a local product, to the state, and then became a national name brand chosen by millions of people.

You may have been on a mission. Maybe it was the video game that you had to beat. You spent are your free time trying to reach that certain level. It was not just a goal. It became a passion.

Others have a passion for a sport, or talent that they had to pursue beyond the level of most others.

A church mission trip should be like that. It should be more than a goal. It should have your determination to share the message. You need to believe in your message, and have a drive to share the love of God with those you can reach.

It starts with the local, and sharing that Jesus died on the cross for them. It may grow to statewide, or national, or even international opportunities to share God's love.

Each person has a mission. Are you going to have the determination and drive to be successful? Are you willing to give God the chance to accomplish that mission with your life?


WOW! How about those storms?

There were terrible storms all across the country last weekend. Seems like everybody faced some bad weather. How did you do?

The loud thunder and lightning, the strong winds blowing, the heavy rains, all caused quite a stir. Driving in the heavy rain was a real challenge.

In the morning, everybody came out to survey the damages. Trees were down, debris was everywhere, and houses and cars had some damages. 

People from all over the neighborhood came together to help. Priorities were easy to set. Rescue those trapped in their houses by fallen trees, then clear the big trees that were down all over the area. Some other things were just not important at the time.

When times get tough, it is easy to see who the real friends are.  Everybody has some fair weather friends. Those are friends when things are going good. But they seem to disappear when times get hard.

The storms are not all bad. Storms clear out dead and decaying branches. They blow away the dust and the pollen and clean the air.

With the dead branches cleared away, the new life can grow in the plants and trees. The world gets greener and stronger. God knows how to make the world work. So enjoy each new day.

Life works the same way. Everybody faces storms in their life. The storms or problems are a challenge for each person.  How you deal with those problems in your choice.

The storms teach you how to set priorities, and decide what is really important in your life. They show you, who your real friends are.

You find out who you can trust and depend on in difficult times.

Storms clean out some areas of your life that need to go, or forget about. They prepare you for new things in your life.

Some veterans of storms can be a big help. But others with the right priorities will be helpful also. God knows and cares about you.

So begin the new day, and see what God has for you!


This is an Important Month!

April is Prevent Child Abuse Month.  What does that mean?  Who cares about that?  Many people think that it is important.

Abuse is hurting somebody.  It can be with mean words, or physical abuse.

When you say mean things, or make fun of someone that says a wrong word, or does not know what that word means.  That is abuse. Others may laugh, and that makes things worse.  This creates painful memories for that person.  Those memories are there much longer than you think.

Hitting someone is not poking or nudging them.  Sometimes bigger kids do not realize how they can hurt a smaller child.  It still hurts.

Parents, teachers, and coaches use discipline.  Discipline does not always involve punishment.  Discipline is teaching.  Parents teach their children proper behavior to get along in the world.

Teachers are teaching the students how to study, and learn.  Coaches are teaching their athletes how to prepare for their sport.

A good athlete, or student, or child wants to learn, and they welcome good discipline to become the best at what they are doing.

Coaches know that some great athletes without discipline will never go very far in their sport.  It is sad to see a great athlete waste their talent.  Teachers are saddened when they see a great mind wasted, and not used to learn and accomplish the things it could do.

Parents are disappointed when their child refuses to learn, and just does not try.

Some young people have parents or teachers that do not discipline or punish them.  The young person thinks that because they got their way, it is good. 

You can look around and see many young people that are paying the price for not having been disciplined.  It is easy to see the emptiness in their life.

The Prevent Child Abuse council is available to help, and make a difference in lives.  They offer parenting classes for the parent and child to learn better ways of handling each situation.

They have prenatal classes to encourage new mothers, and teach them better ways to help the new family.

Their office is called the Resource center, because they offer many resources to the family. It is there for you.

So you can say thank you to those that work for and support our community at the Resource center.