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Why did you start running?

A friend said he decided to lose some weight. So he started running, and started watching what he was eating. A friend invited him to a 5k run.  After he did the first one, he met some people and decided to do more. He soon became a member of the family of runners.

A lady decided to exercise, and joined a friend at a 5k. In a short time, she was running more than the friend, and was hooked on the running family with the Run and See Georgia Grand Prix. She was enjoying seeing the state.

The Run and See Georgia Grand Prix was started to get runners to see new places, and see more of Georgia.

A young teen was taken to a college basketball game. Seeing the players up close, and enjoying the excitement of the game peaked his interest in basketball. He wanted to see and do more.

A little fellow met a Major league baseball player. The youngster did not know much about baseball, but from then on his interest grew, and he wanted to learn more.

An older couple staying at a hotel in a big city noticed a group of extremely tall men in the lobby with them, and found out that they were the San Antonio Spurs an  NBA basketball team. Since then, any mention of basketball reminds them of that day. They now have a favorite basketball team, the San Antonio spurs.
A family visited the home of a former President. The setting of that time in history, and the style of dress, was okay. But the lady giving the tour was so excited, and made the tour so interesting, that the young person got interested in the early history of our country.

A friend invited a young person to VBS, at church. After the visit, the young man got excited about going to church. He started attending other services and activities.

The common thing in all these stories, is one friend inviting another friend to participate. Doing something with someone the first time, is much easier with a friend. All the advertising, and the talk, all noise is okay, but real results come from one on one recommendations.

So you need to tell someone about your interest, AND invite them to participate with you.

It also means that you may ask about an activity, and why they are excited about doing it. They would be glad to tell you. And you will be glad you did.



That's Going To Leave A Mark!

That is a popular saying now. It happens when someone falls, or trips, or some other thing happens. It is not fun to see.

It is not much fun to be the one it happens to either.

A runner falls, and someone rushes to help them get up afterwards. You see a kid on a bicycle or skateboard go down, you want to help. The Bible calls that the gift of service. It is the desire to be there for someone when they need help.

In school, when someone drops their tray, instead of cheering or laughing, that person helps to pick up the mess. Or when someone is struggling with a math problem, you help them to understand.  

You see someone having a hard day, that serving person is there to encourage them. It is someone that notices when something is not right, and wants to help.

A fellow on a bicycle this weekend said he could not run a 5k, but he rode five hours out on the marathon course to be there for anyone needing help. Or maybe it is that runner that just encourages other runners along the way. The same is true for the workers volunteering at the aid stations along the course.

As a Christian, those are the things that you just do. You do not need to be told to be that way. It is Jesus living His life through you. The inner joy from being there for somebody is special.

Most of the time, there is no recognition, but that does not matter. Those acts of kindness are not done to be seen.

They are done out of love. Every Christian should be doing those things naturally, and regularly. 


How Bad Does It Hurt?

Runners understand injuries. My friend, John hurt his knee and can no longer run. Another friend, Chris had a heart attack and the doctor told him he could walk for awhile, but he could go back to running.

Others are running with minor injuries, and hope that they will heal. Each injury must be treated, and the recovery time varies with the runner and the degree of the injury.

Employees sometimes get injuries on the job. They can be minor things like a turned ankle to broken bones. Or it could be an illness, from the flu to major cancer. The employee could miss time from just an hour to long term depending on the illness.

Students miss school or practice for teams due to sickness or injuries. Again the amount of time varies by the student, and the injury.

Students also miss time due to bad behavior, and the way they respond to the discipline.

Christians also have problems. Feelings get hurt by misunderstandings. Sometimes things are said the wrong way, and this causes pain. The mental pain can affect the individual more than some physical pains.

The result can cause the person to miss church or Christian fellowship. It takes time for the emotional wounds to heal, just as takes time for physical wounds to heal.

Some runners injuries, some job injuries, and some student injuries are caused sometimes by accidental actions, sometimes careless actions, and sometimes intentional actions. But the results still hurt, and have to be treated.

The same is true for the Christian life. And each wound needs to be treated, and allow time for the healing process.

In each of these cases, the individual must choose to follow the prescribed recommendations for the process to go the fastest and healing to take place.

The hurt is real. Physical and emotional pain are real. How bad it hurts emotionally affects how much you will follow the rules for the healing begin to get done.


Call The Doctor

My friend had a headache. The doctor did not say to take two aspirin and you will be fine. The doctor knew that the headache was just a symptom. It was not the problem. 

The doctor had to see him to solve the problem. They first take your blood pressure, and check your pulse. 

That is the basic starting point. Then the doctor asks lots of questions, and then run some tests to try to find what was causing the headache.

It was kind of like peeling an onion. You peel off layers to get down to the issue. You have to find the source, to fix the problem.

Life can be like that also. Something may be bothering you, and you do not act right. Mom or your friend know that you are upset about something. They know that you are not mad at them. That behavior is just the symptom of a problem inside.

Being positive, or thinking a good thought is nice, but it does not fix the problem. That is just stopping the symptom for a while.. 

They have to help you get down to the real problem. Sometimes it takes a counselor to help you find the answer.               

Your spiritual life is like that also. When you are not doing the things that you should be doing. That is a symptom of a problem inside. Then it may take a Biblical counselor to help you see the problem. 

They have to start with the basics also. First do you know Jesus as your personal Savior? That is step number one. Then you get into more details to find the answer.

Everybody has to see a doctor at some time in their life. Some put it off as long as possible. And that just lets the problem get bigger, and harder to deal with and fix.

The same is true with the problems in your life. The longer you wait the harder it is to face that person or issue. But you will face it sooner or later.

This is also true in your spiritual life. You will face God sometime. It is better to do it now and not wait.

It will just get harder, so do it today. 


WOW! What a Place!

This week there was a marathon in Dubuque, Iowa.  It was the Run 4 Troops, to honor the men that serve, or have served in the military.

The run was on a trail from Dyersburg, that used to be a train route, into Dubuque and the Mississippi river. Maybe you have ridden on a train, or seen pictures of a train ride across a country side.  It was a beautiful setting. The route was a zigzag along the water. In places, it was a  stream, in other areas it was a river with rocks and shoals.

In some places, they had cut through the rock to make the path level. You may have seen parts of this area in the movie, The Field of Dreams.

The farm for the setting was a couple of miles from the start of the marathon. 

The whole area had beautiful green yards, and lots of corn fields. The folks there took great pride in their yards, and homes.  Maybe you will get to visit this area sometime.

We live in a great country. God made a beautiful world. You can see His work from the beaches on the coasts, to the mountains across the country. The more you see of this world, the more you can see God's handywork.

Men have built some beautiful structures that you see in some big cities, but they seem small when you see all the magnificent things that God has made.

When you travel, you need to be sure and watch the scenery around you to see God's beautiful creation. Wow! What a place!