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Like New!

Have you bought something that says, it is like new?

What does that mean? That means that it is almost as good as new.

When you go to a store that has some used video games, that have been taken in as trade, they are new to you. But they are not the same as new. You do not pay as much, because they have some scratches or marks.

Your mom may have purchased a remanufactured vacuum cleaner. It was taken in, and had some parts replaced, and now it looks new. It is made to look new, so it does not cost full price, because it is not new.

Cars that are used or preowned look like new. They are older, and have been cleaned, and made to look like new. But they have some hidden scars or aging. You do not pay the premium price for the older car.

Some people are like that. They try to fix their life. They have changed some habit. And they look better, but the scars and damage are still there. They look better, but the years of abuse to their body are still there, even if they are just on the inside.

All of these changes are good, but 'like new' is still not as good as new.

The Bible teaches that when God fixes you, He makes you a new creation. That means that He does not repair the old. He makes NEW. Isn't that great!

So if you want better, trying to fix it yourself is nice. But you doing it, is not as good as asking God to do it. He is the Creator, and He makes NEW. And He can fix anything, and anybody. Give Him a chance today. Everybody prefers new. You will be glad you did.