How do you get there?
Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 8:05AM
In the past, you would stop at a gas station or convenience store and ask for directions. Sometimes they would say, I am new to the area, or I am not from here, and did not know how to tell you where to go. Others would give you directions, that you could get closer. But you would end up stopping again to get more directions.
Later with the beginning of computers, people started using mapquest, and print out detailed directions. They started with how to get out of your neighborhood. This was usually a good method. But sometimes it would get you lost.
Then people used a garmin to find a location. Sometimes roads changed direction, or a new road was built. Then a voice was used to tell you which way to go.
The popular phrase was recalculating. That happened when the driver missed a turn. Still there were times when you ended up in the wrong place.
Today many people use their phone. It is much more convenient. It is very accurate. But you can still end in the wrong location.
What about life? What do you follow for directions? What is the most important destination? Heaven is the big question. Everybody should know the way to get to heaven.
One group will come to your door, and want you to believe them. When you ask them if they are sure that is the way, they say maybe. That destination is too important for a maybe.
Many people tell you to do more good things than bad things, and then you should get there. That sounds good, but it is still a gamble.   
Many of the religions in the world follow a man. But those men are dead, and you have to trust in a man's ideas.
The Bible gives specific directions to heaven. It says that Jesus is the way. Jesus died, and He came back alive. He was seen by many people. He again told them to follow Him. The Bible says these things are written that you may KNOW the way. God wants you to be sure of the way, and you can trust Him.
The Bible gives perfect and sure directions. It is even better than the wonderful technology of today. 
I hope you know the way. But even more important is that you follow the way. The right directions are important, but they must be followed. That means that Jesus died to make a way for you. He will forgive your sins, and give you eternal life. Then heaven is sure.
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