Celebrate Christmas!
Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 9:33AM

Thanksgiving was a special family time of sharing. Many thank you's were said. It is always good memories of family time.

The Christmas season is always a special time of celebration. Lots of fun things to do and dream about. Many fun and wonderful activities.

On the negative side, there are some sad memories of loved ones that died during the holiday season. And some sad memories of events that happened in the past of someone or something.

At one plant, a group decided to pull a prank on a fellow. It started out in the morning. The first person said, How are you? You do not look good. Then several others throughout the morning repeated the comment. By the middle of the day, the fellow went home sick. The influence and peer pressure caused the man to actually feel sick.

On the positive side are many good memories. The hot chocolate that Grandma made when the crew came in from the cold time outside. Maybe the Christmas eve candlelight service, or that baby born during Christmas.   

There is that person that just makes you feel good being around them. Nothing in particular, just a special time. I imagine Jesus was like that. People just felt special after they were around Him. 

When you see a painting, there is a focal point. The message of the painting is directed by the lighting and shading to direct you to that spot. Few Christmas memories are about the expensive game or gift that someone got. Most are of the special time with someone. 

The focus of Christmas is Jesus. Not the baby Jesus, but what Jesus means to you, and your life around Him, and what He has done for you. 

So enjoy the Christmas season. Celebrate family. Celebrate the Christian family. Celebrate what Jesus has done for you.

Article originally appeared on Black Bag Race Series (http://blackbagracingseries.com/).
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