Cubs Win! Cubs Win!
Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 8:10AM

Everybody was excited about the great World Series. There were some great wins. They were the talk of the country. 

Even in the championship games there were some fundamental errors, that may have cost each team a game. 

Fundamentals are an important part of any game. Whether you play rec basketball, little league baseball, or rec football, the coach's job is to teach each player the fundamentals of the game.  

The conservative or basic principles of the game are the basis of everything that you do. For example, all teams start out with the layup drill. If you cannot shoot layups your team will have trouble. The three point shots are fun to watch, but even the best shoot less than fifty per cent. 

In running, the fundamentals include the right shoes. Then you learn the proper way to run, and the amount to run. You start out conservative. Starting off with a marathon can get you in trouble. 

Parents start out with conservative views. They may liberalize as they have more kids. You have heard the older child in a family accuse the parents of changing the rules for the next child. They seem to go easier on the second one. Liberal is not always better. 

Some churches seem to start out conservative, but then they drop some of the fundamental beliefs. They are more liberal in what they allow or do. Some call that better. How do you judge those things? 

The Bible is the best source. Some people are trying to rewrite the Words in the Bible. The conservatives try to maintain their fundamental beliefs. The liberals try to change or alter the words or fundamentals of the Bible. 

You must decide what you believe and why. If you have fundamental beliefs, that foundation will help you decide what to do.   

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