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How Bad Does It Hurt?

Runners understand injuries. My friend, John hurt his knee and can no longer run. Another friend, Chris had a heart attack and the doctor told him he could walk for awhile, but he could go back to running.

Others are running with minor injuries, and hope that they will heal. Each injury must be treated, and the recovery time varies with the runner and the degree of the injury.

Employees sometimes get injuries on the job. They can be minor things like a turned ankle to broken bones. Or it could be an illness, from the flu to major cancer. The employee could miss time from just an hour to long term depending on the illness.

Students miss school or practice for teams due to sickness or injuries. Again the amount of time varies by the student, and the injury.

Students also miss time due to bad behavior, and the way they respond to the discipline.

Christians also have problems. Feelings get hurt by misunderstandings. Sometimes things are said the wrong way, and this causes pain. The mental pain can affect the individual more than some physical pains.

The result can cause the person to miss church or Christian fellowship. It takes time for the emotional wounds to heal, just as takes time for physical wounds to heal.

Some runners injuries, some job injuries, and some student injuries are caused sometimes by accidental actions, sometimes careless actions, and sometimes intentional actions. But the results still hurt, and have to be treated.

The same is true for the Christian life. And each wound needs to be treated, and allow time for the healing process.

In each of these cases, the individual must choose to follow the prescribed recommendations for the process to go the fastest and healing to take place.

The hurt is real. Physical and emotional pain are real. How bad it hurts emotionally affects how much you will follow the rules for the healing begin to get done.