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WOW! What a Place!

This week there was a marathon in Dubuque, Iowa.  It was the Run 4 Troops, to honor the men that serve, or have served in the military.

The run was on a trail from Dyersburg, that used to be a train route, into Dubuque and the Mississippi river. Maybe you have ridden on a train, or seen pictures of a train ride across a country side.  It was a beautiful setting. The route was a zigzag along the water. In places, it was a  stream, in other areas it was a river with rocks and shoals.

In some places, they had cut through the rock to make the path level. You may have seen parts of this area in the movie, The Field of Dreams.

The farm for the setting was a couple of miles from the start of the marathon. 

The whole area had beautiful green yards, and lots of corn fields. The folks there took great pride in their yards, and homes.  Maybe you will get to visit this area sometime.

We live in a great country. God made a beautiful world. You can see His work from the beaches on the coasts, to the mountains across the country. The more you see of this world, the more you can see God's handywork.

Men have built some beautiful structures that you see in some big cities, but they seem small when you see all the magnificent things that God has made.

When you travel, you need to be sure and watch the scenery around you to see God's beautiful creation. Wow! What a place!