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Call The Doctor

My friend had a headache. The doctor did not say to take two aspirin and you will be fine. The doctor knew that the headache was just a symptom. It was not the problem. 

The doctor had to see him to solve the problem. They first take your blood pressure, and check your pulse. 

That is the basic starting point. Then the doctor asks lots of questions, and then run some tests to try to find what was causing the headache.

It was kind of like peeling an onion. You peel off layers to get down to the issue. You have to find the source, to fix the problem.

Life can be like that also. Something may be bothering you, and you do not act right. Mom or your friend know that you are upset about something. They know that you are not mad at them. That behavior is just the symptom of a problem inside.

Being positive, or thinking a good thought is nice, but it does not fix the problem. That is just stopping the symptom for a while.. 

They have to help you get down to the real problem. Sometimes it takes a counselor to help you find the answer.               

Your spiritual life is like that also. When you are not doing the things that you should be doing. That is a symptom of a problem inside. Then it may take a Biblical counselor to help you see the problem. 

They have to start with the basics also. First do you know Jesus as your personal Savior? That is step number one. Then you get into more details to find the answer.

Everybody has to see a doctor at some time in their life. Some put it off as long as possible. And that just lets the problem get bigger, and harder to deal with and fix.

The same is true with the problems in your life. The longer you wait the harder it is to face that person or issue. But you will face it sooner or later.

This is also true in your spiritual life. You will face God sometime. It is better to do it now and not wait.

It will just get harder, so do it today.