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What is Love?

Do you have love?  Do you feel love?  How do you describe love?  Those are easy questions that are hard to answer.

Everybody would like to be loved and have somebody to love. Love is not a feeling or an emotion.

Love is a choice or a decision.

Love will cause feelings and emotions. When you care about someone, you care about their feelings.

You care about the things that happen to them.

The best example of love is when God loves you. It is not because of how good you are. He loves you even when you bad.  That shows true love.

It is much easier to love someone that is nice to you. It is much harder to love the unlovely or the one that is mean to you.

Some people believe that God could never love them because of what they have done.  But Jesus does love everybody.

So you must choose to receive His love, and forgiveness for your sin. Then you will know true love, and the joy and peace that comes after that.

What is your choice?  Everybody will make that choice.  Do it sooner, rather than later.