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The Atlanta Hawks are on a Mission!

This season very few people gave the Hawks much of a chance of having a good team. But they had a mission.

Because of that they won over 60 games and are advancing well in the playoffs.

A mission is not just a goal. It is a determination to work, and a drive to do what it takes to reach that goal.

The United States had a mission to get to the moon. It took hard work and determination between a large group of men to make that happen. It was more serious than a goal. Men's lives were at stake. Every detail was important, Each person did more than what was required for the mission to be successful.

A few years ago, a man developed a line of sports clothes. He made some, and loaded his car, and set out to sell them. When he sold those, he came back and made more. The business has become a multimillion dollar business.

It was successful because he believed in his product. He was not just a salesman. He knew his product was quality, and others would benefit from wearing it.

His company went from a local product, to the state, and then became a national name brand chosen by millions of people.

You may have been on a mission. Maybe it was the video game that you had to beat. You spent are your free time trying to reach that certain level. It was not just a goal. It became a passion.

Others have a passion for a sport, or talent that they had to pursue beyond the level of most others.

A church mission trip should be like that. It should be more than a goal. It should have your determination to share the message. You need to believe in your message, and have a drive to share the love of God with those you can reach.

It starts with the local, and sharing that Jesus died on the cross for them. It may grow to statewide, or national, or even international opportunities to share God's love.

Each person has a mission. Are you going to have the determination and drive to be successful? Are you willing to give God the chance to accomplish that mission with your life?