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Graduation Season is Here!

Some are graduating from high school and others are graduating from college. It is a very important time in the  life of any individual.

As children, life was all about having fun. It was a time of learning, growing, and just playing and enjoying life.

Middle school and high school took more work, and taking on more responsibility. Choices became more serious and important.

It may have been things like playing ball, and deciding you did not like ball and trying something else. Or deciding you did like it, and becoming more intense in developing your skills. 

During this time parents, and teachers, and coaches, and church leaders were trying to give you information, and help you develop your interests and skills, and train you to take responsibility. All of this was to prepare you for real life and the challenges that you will face.

The NBA is having their graduation. Well the basketball season was the fun time for the players. The playoffs are  the real life. The first round seemed easy for most teams, as they did not have to work hard to sweep the poorer teams but the second round is like graduation. They have to get serious if they want to be successful.

Most teams have the talent to win. The difference becomes the desire and responsibility of the individuals to push to win. The coaches can try to prepare the players and challenge them to get out there and fight, but they must decide within themselves what they will do.

What will you do when you graduate? You have to make choices. Some choose college, while others start a career but that also takes training. In either case, it is an opportunity for you to use the talents and skills that you have learned.

Your success will depend on how much you listened and learned, and how serious you choose to be.

Some teams take several times before they win the championship. They failed, and learned from that failure.

Most people fail in one area before they find the right area for them. The victory comes from getting up from that failure, and learning, and continuing the battle. 

These principles are true in your family life, in your work life, and in your Christian life. 

So enjoy the graduation time. And then attack life, and give it your best shot. It will be an exciting time.