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WOW! How about those storms?

There were terrible storms all across the country last weekend. Seems like everybody faced some bad weather. How did you do?

The loud thunder and lightning, the strong winds blowing, the heavy rains, all caused quite a stir. Driving in the heavy rain was a real challenge.

In the morning, everybody came out to survey the damages. Trees were down, debris was everywhere, and houses and cars had some damages. 

People from all over the neighborhood came together to help. Priorities were easy to set. Rescue those trapped in their houses by fallen trees, then clear the big trees that were down all over the area. Some other things were just not important at the time.

When times get tough, it is easy to see who the real friends are.  Everybody has some fair weather friends. Those are friends when things are going good. But they seem to disappear when times get hard.

The storms are not all bad. Storms clear out dead and decaying branches. They blow away the dust and the pollen and clean the air.

With the dead branches cleared away, the new life can grow in the plants and trees. The world gets greener and stronger. God knows how to make the world work. So enjoy each new day.

Life works the same way. Everybody faces storms in their life. The storms or problems are a challenge for each person.  How you deal with those problems in your choice.

The storms teach you how to set priorities, and decide what is really important in your life. They show you, who your real friends are.

You find out who you can trust and depend on in difficult times.

Storms clean out some areas of your life that need to go, or forget about. They prepare you for new things in your life.

Some veterans of storms can be a big help. But others with the right priorities will be helpful also. God knows and cares about you.

So begin the new day, and see what God has for you!