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What is Grace?

In the Bible, Grace is an important word. Last time we talked about the trade. God gives anyone the free gift of salvation in exchange for their sins. It is a choice that must be made and received. That gift is the grace of God. It is an "I love you" gift from God.

A gift is not earned. Grace is totally a gift from God.  He does 100%, the person does zero percent. Maybe that it is why it is hard. Everybody feels that they need to do their part.

You can have eternal life, and the promise of God to go to heaven one day and that is great. But grace is not just the gift of eternal life. It is the power of God in your life everyday. 

Someone said that it is hard to live the Christian life. It is not hard, it is impossible. Becoming a Christian does not make you perfect. It gives you the desire to be perfect. You should want to please God.

Remember the trade, or exchanged life, means that your life now belongs to God. That means that He is responsible for it. The same is true in the life of each Christian. God does 100%, while the person does zero percent.

 How does that happen? To be saved, you admit that you cannot do it. You surrender to God 100%. Living the Christian life is the same. You admit that you cannot live the Christian life. Then you surrender to God 100%. 

Grace is God saving you. And then grace is God living His life through you. God has a plan for your life, but it is your choice to surrender to Him. And then fully trust Him and follow His directions. You will be glad that you did.