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That was a good trade!

Have you received a gift for Christmas or your birthday, and had to take it back? You took a game back because you already had it, and  got one you really wanted. Or maybe it was shoes or a shirt that was the wrong size. You found one you really liked.

You were happy to exchange them. You took something that was not worth that much to you, and came out better.

Mom and dad have done that with a car. They took an old car, with a lot of miles on it, and traded it in for a new one. 

The Braves traded some players this year, hoping to get a player that they need more. Teams try to trade a bench player from their team  to get a starter that they need. They exchanged a player to improve their standing.

Sometimes people upgrade the seat on a plane. They like it better in first class.

Young people have been known to trade a sandwich at lunch time in school. They made a good trade.

Jesus offers you a trade. In the Bible, it says that Jesus gave His life for you. He died on the cross for your sins, and offers you a gift. He is willing to take your sins, and give you eternal life. This is a trade open to anyone! It does not matter how old you are, or how young you are.

It is an exchange where you win for sure. That is a wining trade.

In the Bible, in Galatians, Jesus says that it is no longer your life, it is His. Then He gives you His eternal life. Who would not make a trade like that? You can have eternal life in heaven one day with Jesus.

That eternal life really begins when you ask Jesus to forgive your sins. Heaven is just a bonus for later. 

Are you willing to make that trade? Then do it right now. Do not wait to make that exchange. You know what happens when you put things off to do them later. Make that good trade for yourself right now.