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Do You Want To Dive?

Last weekend, Mr. George ran the Skydive marathon in Clewiston, FL. No he did not skydive. But many of the runners did. 

Clewiston is on the south side of Lake Okeechobee. It was a beautiful sight to see the skydivers float down from 13,000 feet in the air. They came out in groups of five with their colorful chutes.  Each runner had an experienced  diver tethered to them for the trip. 

To the spectators, it was a quiet graceful float down to the designated X on the grass next to the runway.  As the day progressed, the winds grew stronger and swirled more.  This made it more of a challenge for the diver to control the flight.  At times, the approach changed directions, as the winds dictated. 

The secret was for the runner to fully trust the diver, and follow the instructions.  As long as the diver had  complete control, the maximum experience was reached for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Anytime the runner tried to adjust or change something, the diver had to make changes to keep the team on a successful course. 

This event is a great illustration of the Christian life. A Christian must put their full trust in the Lord Jesus Christ each day, to reach their maximum potential in life. When a person tries to do it himself, God has to make adjustments. 

To be sure, the divers had experienced problems in the past, and had learned from those adventures.  Each dive had its' problems, and varying conditions. With those experiences, the diver made the trip better for each runner. 

Christians also experience problems in their life, and learn from each one. Then they are able to help you face the challenges in your life. 

God does not want to dictate your life. But He wants to guide you, so that you can reach the maximum potential, and success in your life.  

First you ask Jesus to forgive your sin, and thank Him for dying on the cross for you. Then you need to put your full and complete trust in Him each day to guide you to reach the maximum success in your life. 

You will be glad that you did. As one runner said, What an adventure! I am glad that I did it. You will be also.