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Can You Spare a Dollar?

Everybody has been asked that at some time.  It may have been a friend, someone on the street, a homeless or a  needy person at a traffic intersection, or a group there collecting for some charity. 

Many organizations ask you for money. There are mailers asking for money, collections at school, or work, and  at the grocery store. 

There many causes that need your money. You must choose which ones you want to help. 

It is true for Christian organizations also. There are projects at church like mission trips, raising money for a building or church on the mission field, and tracts for the missionaries. 

There are local projects also for the church. Things like coats for those in need, special financial help for a member with cancer or some other disease, or a house fire. It may be a building fund, or church van.  

There are many Christian mission groups visiting churches needing support. There are foreign missionaries,  missionaries to special groups like native America reservations, teen ministries, youth ministries, children's ministries, and many others. 

There are civic groups helping special needs people, burn victim's, shelters, disasters events, and blood drives for emergency needs. 

It can be hard choosing which need to support. 

This is also true in your life, when you are choosing what you will do in your life. There are many options.

You may be a good athlete that has to choose which college to attend, or a good student choosing a college. 

You may have a talent in constructing, or working on cars, or cooking, and you have to get more training. 

In your Christian life, you must also make choices. God might want you to be a preacher, or missionary, or staff person for a mission organization. He also has special talents needed in each church, and other mission groups like the Gideons, or FCA.  

There are always needs in this world. There are physical needs, and spiritual needs. You must choose where God wants you to serve. It is not where there is a need. It is where God wants you.

Being successful in life is not measured by the numbers. Although numbers are important, they are not the most important. 

Some people serve in places where there are great opportunities to reach many, while others are in small places where there are still needs. In the Bible, Phillip was reaching many, and God sent him into the desert to reach one. Both were opportunities to serve God and meet a need.  

Begin today, praying, studying, listening, learning, and being open to where God wants you to give, and go, and serve. You will be successful and be used by God in a personal way.