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That's Going To Leave A Mark!

That is a popular saying now. It happens when someone falls, or trips, or some other thing happens. It is not fun to see.

It is not much fun to be the one it happens to either.

A runner falls, and someone rushes to help them get up afterwards. You see a kid on a bicycle or skateboard go down, you want to help. The Bible calls that the gift of service. It is the desire to be there for someone when they need help.

In school, when someone drops their tray, instead of cheering or laughing, that person helps to pick up the mess. Or when someone is struggling with a math problem, you help them to understand.  

You see someone having a hard day, that serving person is there to encourage them. It is someone that notices when something is not right, and wants to help.

A fellow on a bicycle this weekend said he could not run a 5k, but he rode five hours out on the marathon course to be there for anyone needing help. Or maybe it is that runner that just encourages other runners along the way. The same is true for the workers volunteering at the aid stations along the course.

As a Christian, those are the things that you just do. You do not need to be told to be that way. It is Jesus living His life through you. The inner joy from being there for somebody is special.

Most of the time, there is no recognition, but that does not matter. Those acts of kindness are not done to be seen.

They are done out of love. Every Christian should be doing those things naturally, and regularly.