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What is a Friend

Do you have a friend? What do expect from them? 

My friend, Mike was on the mission field in Indonesia. It was a remote area, and he was much bigger than all the natives there. 

One day they had a problem with the canoe, and Mike held the rope and saved them.  From then on, they called him, Friend Mike.  Whenever they had a problem, they called for Friend Mike. 

Why was he a friend? It was because he was a hero to them.  They still did not know him.           

A friend is more than that. A friend is an acquaintance that you get to know better, and like.  When you have a good friend, you do things for each other because you like to be there for them. It is special. 

So a friend is not a friend because of what they do for you.  They are a friend because of who they are to you. 

Jesus wants to be your best friend. He died on the cross for you, because He cares for you.  The better you get to know Him, the better the friendship can be.  I hope that He is your best friend.