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Like New!

Have you bought something that says, it is like new?

What does that mean? That means that it is almost as good as new.

When you go to a store that has some used video games, that have been taken in as trade, they are new to you. But they are not the same as new. You do not pay as much, because they have some scratches or marks.

Your mom may have purchased a remanufactured vacuum cleaner. It was taken in, and had some parts replaced, and now it looks new. It is made to look new, so it does not cost full price, because it is not new.

Cars that are used or preowned look like new. They are older, and have been cleaned, and made to look like new. But they have some hidden scars or aging. You do not pay the premium price for the older car.

Some people are like that. They try to fix their life. They have changed some habit. And they look better, but the scars and damage are still there. They look better, but the years of abuse to their body are still there, even if they are just on the inside.

All of these changes are good, but 'like new' is still not as good as new.

The Bible teaches that when God fixes you, He makes you a new creation. That means that He does not repair the old. He makes NEW. Isn't that great!

So if you want better, trying to fix it yourself is nice. But you doing it, is not as good as asking God to do it. He is the Creator, and He makes NEW. And He can fix anything, and anybody. Give Him a chance today. Everybody prefers new. You will be glad you did.


How do you get there?

In the past, you would stop at a gas station or convenience store and ask for directions. Sometimes they would say, I am new to the area, or I am not from here, and did not know how to tell you where to go. Others would give you directions, that you could get closer. But you would end up stopping again to get more directions.
Later with the beginning of computers, people started using mapquest, and print out detailed directions. They started with how to get out of your neighborhood. This was usually a good method. But sometimes it would get you lost.
Then people used a garmin to find a location. Sometimes roads changed direction, or a new road was built. Then a voice was used to tell you which way to go.
The popular phrase was recalculating. That happened when the driver missed a turn. Still there were times when you ended up in the wrong place.
Today many people use their phone. It is much more convenient. It is very accurate. But you can still end in the wrong location.
What about life? What do you follow for directions? What is the most important destination? Heaven is the big question. Everybody should know the way to get to heaven.
One group will come to your door, and want you to believe them. When you ask them if they are sure that is the way, they say maybe. That destination is too important for a maybe.
Many people tell you to do more good things than bad things, and then you should get there. That sounds good, but it is still a gamble.   
Many of the religions in the world follow a man. But those men are dead, and you have to trust in a man's ideas.
The Bible gives specific directions to heaven. It says that Jesus is the way. Jesus died, and He came back alive. He was seen by many people. He again told them to follow Him. The Bible says these things are written that you may KNOW the way. God wants you to be sure of the way, and you can trust Him.
The Bible gives perfect and sure directions. It is even better than the wonderful technology of today. 
I hope you know the way. But even more important is that you follow the way. The right directions are important, but they must be followed. That means that Jesus died to make a way for you. He will forgive your sins, and give you eternal life. Then heaven is sure.

Merry Christmas!

Countries all around the world celebrate Christmas. In this country, it is a National holiday. Schools are out, and businesses close because of the holiday. Everybody is in a happy holiday mood.
The true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ. Most people believe Jesus lived. They know that He changed the world, and He affected many things in the history of the world. 
But some people think of Jesus as a good man that taught some good things. They do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God. 
Christians believe that God gave His Son Jesus, as the greatest gift of all time. Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for the sins of the world.
He did that because He loves you. But you must ask Him to forgive your sin.
Christians believe that Jesus gives true peace and real joy. Being happy is nice, but joy is more than that. Joy is lasting. As you watch Christians, you can see peace in their lives even when circumstances are hard or difficult. 
So enjoy the Christmas season, celebrate with your family, and remember Jesus on the day our country celebrates Jesus birthday. Then you too can have true peace, and real joy, when you know Jesus as your personal Savior.

Celebrate Christmas!

Thanksgiving was a special family time of sharing. Many thank you's were said. It is always good memories of family time.

The Christmas season is always a special time of celebration. Lots of fun things to do and dream about. Many fun and wonderful activities.

On the negative side, there are some sad memories of loved ones that died during the holiday season. And some sad memories of events that happened in the past of someone or something.

At one plant, a group decided to pull a prank on a fellow. It started out in the morning. The first person said, How are you? You do not look good. Then several others throughout the morning repeated the comment. By the middle of the day, the fellow went home sick. The influence and peer pressure caused the man to actually feel sick.

On the positive side are many good memories. The hot chocolate that Grandma made when the crew came in from the cold time outside. Maybe the Christmas eve candlelight service, or that baby born during Christmas.   

There is that person that just makes you feel good being around them. Nothing in particular, just a special time. I imagine Jesus was like that. People just felt special after they were around Him. 

When you see a painting, there is a focal point. The message of the painting is directed by the lighting and shading to direct you to that spot. Few Christmas memories are about the expensive game or gift that someone got. Most are of the special time with someone. 

The focus of Christmas is Jesus. Not the baby Jesus, but what Jesus means to you, and your life around Him, and what He has done for you. 

So enjoy the Christmas season. Celebrate family. Celebrate the Christian family. Celebrate what Jesus has done for you.


Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Everybody was excited about the great World Series. There were some great wins. They were the talk of the country. 

Even in the championship games there were some fundamental errors, that may have cost each team a game. 

Fundamentals are an important part of any game. Whether you play rec basketball, little league baseball, or rec football, the coach's job is to teach each player the fundamentals of the game.  

The conservative or basic principles of the game are the basis of everything that you do. For example, all teams start out with the layup drill. If you cannot shoot layups your team will have trouble. The three point shots are fun to watch, but even the best shoot less than fifty per cent. 

In running, the fundamentals include the right shoes. Then you learn the proper way to run, and the amount to run. You start out conservative. Starting off with a marathon can get you in trouble. 

Parents start out with conservative views. They may liberalize as they have more kids. You have heard the older child in a family accuse the parents of changing the rules for the next child. They seem to go easier on the second one. Liberal is not always better. 

Some churches seem to start out conservative, but then they drop some of the fundamental beliefs. They are more liberal in what they allow or do. Some call that better. How do you judge those things? 

The Bible is the best source. Some people are trying to rewrite the Words in the Bible. The conservatives try to maintain their fundamental beliefs. The liberals try to change or alter the words or fundamentals of the Bible. 

You must decide what you believe and why. If you have fundamental beliefs, that foundation will help you decide what to do.