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If you receive the most points for 2012, you will get at least 2 prizes.  You will be the 1st winner of the Will Chamberlin Memorial Cup and you will be able to run as many Black Bag Race Series events you want, for free in 2013.  Some limitations will apply.  For example, you will have to pre-register for the race, it will not be available to you if you sign up race day.  You must pre-register before the cut off date set by that race.  You can not sign up for ALL races on the series, only the ones you are planning on running.  The prize is not transferable to another runner or family member.  If you are the overall point person in 2013, you will be able to compete for the Will Chamberlin Memorial Cup in 2014 but you will not be allowed to win the free races for a year prize in 2014 since you are racing for free in 2013.  The free races will then go to the 2nd overall point person.

Last updated on January 2, 2012 by Tim