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Amber Hodor - Running with Reservations

Amber at the Red Barn Ramble 5KAmber Hodor was born in Margate, Florida just north of Miami.  She attended High School at Fort Pearce Central in Port Saint Lucie, Florida where she and her parents resided.  She ran cross country in high school only as a conditioning exercise for soccer.  Running did not agree with Amber when she tore the ACL in both her knees requiring surgery her senior year in high school.  Amber played soccer from age eight until she graduated from Florida State in 2007.  There she earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Hospitality.  In college she lifted weights to build stamina for soccer in lieu of running.

After graduation Amber moved to Dothan, Alabama to accept a position as guest services manager at a Hampton Inn and Suites.  After the culture shock of trading the bright lights of Tallahassee for the nonexistent social life of Dothan, her three aunts, whoAmber and her aunt Joni were runners, encouraged her to seek out a local running group.  Her first foray was the 2010 Critter Run 5K (nothing to do with road kill) where she placed third in her age group with an athletic time of 24:30. She was hooked and continued attending area races.

Opportunity came knocking in the form of a position as Assistant General Manager of the Hilton Garden Inn in Macon on the edge of the Mercer University campus.  Amber accepted the position and began running in Macon.  She recalls taking the same tack as Dothan and seeking out local running groups, like Macon Tracks.  Amber recalls participating in a 5K race at Howard High School in Macon where she was asked if she wanted to venture to Dublin, GA for a race via carpool.  Amber accepted the challenge from Eddie Lamberth, who is her frequent companion at Run and See Georgia, Black Bag, and Clover Glove Races as she describes “every Saturday and Sunday”.  She also enjoys riding bicycles, hiking, water sports, and visiting Georgia State Parks.

Clay Sims will appreciate that Amber’s favorite race is the Black Bag Race Series Red Barn Ramble 5K. She enjoys the cow fields, excellent fare and adult beverages available for the post race cool down.  A close second is Clover Glove/Black Bag races at Camp Fortson 4H Center in Hampton where the “scenery is beautiful, runners are really nice, and the races are low key and easy to earn points”.

Amber placed first in the 25-29 female age groups in the 2012 the Black Bag and Clover Glove race series and is not letting up in 2013.  Her PRs are indicative of her racing prowness-2012 Macon Labor Day 5K time of 20:20, 2012 Jim Heron 10K time of 45:38, and 2013 Museum of Aviation Half Marathon time of 1:42.  RaceAmber at Leggin' it for Lincoln coordinators note that Amber recommends that if you win overall male/female you should receive extra points beyond just those normally awarded for being first in your age group.                        

Bob checking out from the back of the back.  Look for the May profile on the Hawkinsville flash Mitchell Sinyard and June will feature Richard Harrison.