Runner Profiles by Bob Slowpants


Derek Jesweak - If You Want to get Stoned, Derek will sell you the ROCKS

Derek is one half of the former brother and sister running duo of Jesweaks.  Sister Marie’s profile was published in July 2017, the month she got married.  Derek’s parents self-migrated from Detroit, Michigan to Brunswick, GA where Derek lived until age two.  The family moved to Athens where his father became a fixture in the Athens banking community while his mother raised older son Derek and three daughters-Donna, Jackie, and Marie.  Derek fondly recalls summer visits to grandparents in Brunswick after the family moved to Athens.  At an early age, Derek enjoyed Trout and Bass fishing in North Georgia with his father and still does to this day.   

Derek graduated from Athens Christian and continued his education at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega where Derek earned a B.A. degree in Physical Education.  Twenty-three years ago, Derek married wife Susanna.  To date, they have limited their offspring to two pet dogs - Molly and Sally. 

I never knew this, but a P.E. degree allows one to transition into selling BBQ.  This is the career path Derek initially elected his first year out of college as a salesperson for Steadman and Son BBQ.  Derek was so successful selling pork and beef to restaurants that the company eventually folded.  His next target was the building supply industry.  Derek joined the firm Alley -Cassetty twelve years ago.  The firm is well known to contractors, builders, and architects, but not so much the public.  Alley-Cassetty was formed in the 1880s in Nashville, TN and entered the building brick and related materials (stone) delivery business in 1971 and has become the largest independent brick distributor in the southeast, according to the company web site.  The firm has ten offices in the southeast, with Derek working out of the Cumming location, servicing Clarke and Oconee counties.  His position requires that he maintain contact with clients and thus he can be found most days on the road.  Derek’s customer base is several hundred clients with close to five hundred job sites a year that feature brick or stone sold by Derek to builder/developers.         

Derek began participating in the Run and See, Black Bag, and Clover Glove race series in 2014.  Derek remembers a form of Couch to 5K regime leading to his first race, the Habitat Run at the Oconee campus of North Georgia in Watkinsville.  His time has slipped slightly due to the heavy commissions he is earning from the building industry robust return from the 2008-2009 housing recession.  When Bob inquired if Susanna runs, Derek advised that she can out run him to an ATM.  His only regret about running is the expense-not just the race fee but what Susanna spends when he is out on the race course. Obviously, they have come to an accommodation having been together for twenty-three years.    

Derek usually runs fifty races a year, many with sister Marie.  Derek was third in Run and See Georgia in the 45-49 age group in 2017, and currently is third place in his age group in the Black Bag race Series and second in the Clover Glove Race Series.  Favorite races are any at Sandy Creek Park in Athens.  If the series had a Clydesdale division, Derek would place first.  Pound for pound Derek is a great runner and has earned my respect for how fast his large frame can move.

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Erica Shepley - Chasing Offenders

Erica was born at Andrew’s Air Force Base in Maryland where her father was stationed on active duty in the Air Force.  The family relocated to hometown Winder, GA, then Texas when Erica was age three, and back to Winder.  Erica graduated from Winder-Barrow High School where she excelled in academics as well as being on the tennis and softball teams.  Education continued with Erica earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University for North Georgia, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Georgia Law School.  Erica’s social life took on meaning her senior year of undergraduate studies when she met her future husband at the Winder-Barrow YMCA.  Their initial common thread was their respective grandfathers had worked together for decades, but their paths had not previously crossed as husband to be resided in nearby Clarke County.

After marriage and her third year in law school, Erica searched for a venue where she could utilize her criminal justice background and prosecute an abundance of criminals.  Nearby Jefferson, GA and Jackson County provided that opportunity.  Erica is currently employed as an Assistant District Attorney for Jackson County where she is responsible for prosecuting all felony cases from drug possession to murder in that jurisdiction.    

Until her daughter Erilynn’s birth, Erica would run with her mother Victoria Patrick, a notable running fixture in Winder.  Initially, at Victoria’s suggestion, Erica ran to drop her “baby weight”.  She limited her run forays to about three miles until her father Eric Patrick suggested that she up her mileage to four miles for the fourth of July.  After watching the Peachtree Road race on television and observing “people I did not consider runners” completing a 6.2-mile course, Erica decided to train up for a 10K.  Her successful 10K debut was the Summer’s End 10K in August 2012.

Erica has running in her genes.  It just took a little time for that trait to surface.  Her parents had been long time avid runners and had participated in many half marathons.  Erica decided to run the Inaugural Jeff Galloway Half Marathon in Atlanta in December 2012. This became her favorite race for two reasons-Victoria ran it with Erica and she finished in the time she had projected as her goal.  This experience was so rewarding that Erica began to compete in Half Marathons.

Erica’s favorite race is the 2017 Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon.  Erica anticipated that her mother and father would run this race with her. After registering for the race, she learned that her mother Victoria was suffering from liver failure and would have to go on the liver transplant list.  Because of a donor’s selfless decision to be an organ donor, Victoria received notice within twenty-four hours that a donor was available.  Erica ran the marathon with her daughter Erilynn and twisted her ankle two miles into the course.  Erica overcame this injury recalling her mother’s determination after a liver transplant to run and hobbled to the finish line completing the marathon.  Erica’s goal is to run the  Atlanta Half Marathon in October 2018.                  

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John Johnson - Run to Lose Weight or Lose Weight to Run

John is from Theodore, Alabama, south of Mobile.  Any further south and you will be in Mobile Bay!  John followed the south Alabama herd to Auburn University after graduating from Theodore High School in 1981.  His Facebook page acknowledges that he “studied but couldn’t concentrate at Auburn University”.  John refers to the term “freshman 15” to describe the weight many collegian’s gain their first academic year.  John must have accidently enrolled in the agricultural studies program as he gained fifty pounds to a weight of 275 pounds.  He was deemed ready for market.  John dieted and lost forty pounds dining on the left-over prison food served in the university food service facility.

John found it more difficult to eat healthy the first summer quarter on campus.  He elected to run to supplement his diet.  He did not want to run on the track where the “real runners” were, so he elected to run inside the Auburn University Basketball coliseum.  As opposed to the campus streets, John has less risk in the day of pre-GPS watches of getting lost running in circles.  Six laps around was a mile, and he gradually increased to three miles a day without getting bored.  The three miles was a determined length based on a response from a fraternity brother to John’s inquiry about how far he ran.  The response must have made a significant impression on John as three miles has become his preferred distance for now over thirty years and counting.  John laments if the response had been five miles, “he would probably be a much better runner today!”      

John’s weight was down to 195 pound his sophomore year when he left the “lovely plains of Auburn” for the U.S. Air Force.  John was eight years short of being a lifer, only remaining in the Air Force for twelve years.  He continued in the Air Force running three four times a week to control his weight.  Now John “loses weight to run”.  John and the Air Force mutually parted career paths in 1995.  John injured his back in 1994 and was advised by the Air Force quack that examined him “to never run again”.  As an aside John’s duties resulted in travel to unusual locations.  His most memorable run was on a trail around a Norwegian Flystation (Norwegian for air base) while on temporary duty in Norway for a month.

The Air Force restored John’s ability to concentrate as he graduated from Georgia College and State University with a B.A. in Management, a second B.A. in Computer Based Information Systems, and a Master in Management Information Systems.  He must have liked Milledgeville as post-graduate John still resides there.  John pursued a career as a Systems Analyst with the Board of Regents, University System of Georgia, and now is a Senior Applications Systems Analyst at his Alma Mater.  

Despite continuous discomfort from his back-injury, John began to run again in 2004 after a nine-year hiatus and has continued running for fourteen years plus.  His first foray back into racing was the 2004 Macon Labor Day 5K, completed in 34:10.  Since that race, John has logged more than two hundred 5K and 10K races, a few half marathons, and one full marathon. John observes he “loves seeing all the people enjoying themselves and running for those age group awards and t-shirts”.  Because John has such a common name, he began to register as “Wheels Johnson”, an Air Force era nickname.  John lived in Athens in the 2012-2013 period and was active in the Athens Road Runners, Run and See Georgia Grand Prix, Black Bag Race Series, and Clover Glove Race series.   John “has met so many good friends out there” that he “could not imagine stopping now!”      

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Fran Fussell - Relieving Stress from Flying Low

Fran’s full first name is Francoise, and when used she is often asked if she is French.  The response is yes, and no, si’l vous plait (a quick check on your French vocabulary).  Fran was born in Paris, France.  If the location had been Paris, Tennessee, her parents could have attended the annual Catfish Festival.  Instead her father was an American serviceman stationed in France.  Fran was born in an American hospital in Paris, which is still there!  The family returned to the states in 1951 and, after her father retired from the Army, settled in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Fran shortened her name, so South Carolina natives could pronounce it.

Fran matriculated at the University of South Carolina where she met her future husband Larry.  Fran majored in guess what (Larry and French)?  After graduation she continued her education earning a master’s Degree from Louisiana State University returning to SC in 1970 to marry Larry.  Larry was an Air Force ROTC graduate in the Vietnam era.  After pilot training at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi he flew KC-135 refueling aircraft in support of the Vietnam war.  Post military, Larry was hired as a pilot with Atlanta based Southern Airways as he and Fran migrated to Mableton, GA.  Larry had been running before he and the Air Force parted, and Fran at age thirty begin her running sojourn with short walks/runs.  The family self-migrated to Douglas County and Fran progressed to running 5k races finishing from the back of the pack to “under thirty minutes” finish times closer to the front.

Fran participated in many area races and soon began the time-honored tradition of donating t-shirts to Goodwill as they over accumulate to become the main staple of one’s wardrobe.  One of her favorite races is the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church sponsored Polar Bear 5K, which Fran has run since inception thirty years ago.  Other favorites that Fran has participated in since inception include the Frog Hop 5K and the Jack-O-Lantern Four Miler (now 5K) near Athens.          

Larry in 2004 suffered a heart attack and five years later a stroke.  The family moved to Walhalla, South Carolina.  Fran retired to become a full-time care giver.  Bob recalls Fran commiserating her role with the heart rendering observation that “he would have done the same for me.”  Being the mother of four sons and seven grandchildren, she had hoped that her family would follow in her race shoes.  She has persuaded most of her sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren over the years to participate in races with her.  A keepsake is a photo of Fran and her four sons at the end of a Peachtree Road race, which is framed and prominently displayed in her home. 

Now that Fran has become a full-time care giver, she considers her runs even more important for her physical and mental well-being.  Although involved in civic and charitable activities in Walhalla, the current open border between Georgia and South Carolina facilitates occasional race pilgrimages to North Georgia and the Athens area providing a welcome stress release from her confining role as a care giver.  Fran confides that having recently turned seventy it is “a lot easier to win first in her age group”. She hopes” to continue running up to the end!”

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Harold Benton - High Mileage, Some Wear and Tear

Harold was born in Atlanta with a split service personality-mother was in the Navy and father was in the Army.  They met working at the Pentagon, married, downloaded Harold, and got divorced.  A few years later Harold’s mother moved to Albany, GA where she worked at the military base.  In 1964 Harold’s mother was involved in a vehicle accident that broke both her legs and broke Harold’s right leg near the ankle.  Harold worked in Big Star grocery part time while in high school and was the proud owner of a Suzuki motorcycle.  He spent his spare time climbing sand dunes and jumping mini hills with his motor cycle.  

Harold’s first gig after graduation in 1977 was an employee of Procter and Gamble in the Pampers section, (He was not required to wear them).  After a year, Harold fast tracked to clean up in the Bounty section.  Harold left Procter and Gamble seeking a more fluid employment landing in suds at Miller Brewing in 1979.  Harold stayed with Miller Brewing longer than most of us, for thirty-six years.  Persistent Harold graduated from a junior college with an associate degree that he has never used.  

Harold admits to having been married twice.  His second wife Valerie has been married to Harold for twenty-two years.  Harold’s son from his prior marriage, Jacob, is a video game designer residing in Seattle, Washington. Valerie’s son from a prior marriage, Ben, is a pharmacist with the University of Kentucky Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.  Our society is becoming more multi-general much like our fore fathers.  Harold is no exception as his mother resides with he and Valarie.  Both Harold and Valerie sing in their church choir at First Baptist of Leesburg with Valerie performing many solo numbers. 

Harold disliked running when he was younger, and only started when he left Proctor and Gamble at age twenty-two.  Harold ran his first 10K in 1980 in 48:13. Harold recalls that the entry fee was $3.50! Obviously, Harold has persevered and is now paying higher entry fees.  He placed first in the Run and See Georgia male 55-59 age group in 2017 with over 2,700 points.  His PRs are 5K-16:44, 8K-27.53, 10K-34:32 and half marathon-1.20:32.  Harold’s initial running success was interrupted in 1984 when he broke the sesamoid bones in both feet.  Running was uncomfortable after surgery to correct the injury damage and developed a knot like a golf ball in his right heel.  After consultation with two physicians, Harold ruled out additional surgery and has lived with the discomfort.  Harold alleges that he has slowed down but most of us dispute this allegation.  Harold acknowledges that his biggest accomplishment in 2017 was escaping Rick Hayes’ age group so he could now compete with Roger Keel and Randy Ballew. Bob does not consider this an improvement!  Harold can challenge Roger Keel’s driving mileage record since he travels from Leesburg in south east Georgia to Atlanta and Athens area races each weekend.

Harold’s favorite races are the Macon Labor Day 5K, the Covington Fire House 5K, and the Madison In May and Christmas Rush races in Madison.  Harold adds Roger Keel’s Valley, Alabama races to his list of favorites.  Harold “has met so many wonderful people” and “has traveled all over Georgia” participating in races. Harold confirms that he “has been blessed with good friends with a common interest”.  We are blessed to know Harold!

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