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Erica Shepley - Chasing Offenders

Erica was born at Andrew’s Air Force Base in Maryland where her father was stationed on active duty in the Air Force.  The family relocated to hometown Winder, GA, then Texas when Erica was age three, and back to Winder.  Erica graduated from Winder-Barrow High School where she excelled in academics as well as being on the tennis and softball teams.  Education continued with Erica earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University for North Georgia, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Georgia Law School.  Erica’s social life took on meaning her senior year of undergraduate studies when she met her future husband at the Winder-Barrow YMCA.  Their initial common thread was their respective grandfathers had worked together for decades, but their paths had not previously crossed as husband to be resided in nearby Clarke County.

After marriage and her third year in law school, Erica searched for a venue where she could utilize her criminal justice background and prosecute an abundance of criminals.  Nearby Jefferson, GA and Jackson County provided that opportunity.  Erica is currently employed as an Assistant District Attorney for Jackson County where she is responsible for prosecuting all felony cases from drug possession to murder in that jurisdiction.    

Until her daughter Erilynn’s birth, Erica would run with her mother Victoria Patrick, a notable running fixture in Winder.  Initially, at Victoria’s suggestion, Erica ran to drop her “baby weight”.  She limited her run forays to about three miles until her father Eric Patrick suggested that she up her mileage to four miles for the fourth of July.  After watching the Peachtree Road race on television and observing “people I did not consider runners” completing a 6.2-mile course, Erica decided to train up for a 10K.  Her successful 10K debut was the Summer’s End 10K in August 2012.

Erica has running in her genes.  It just took a little time for that trait to surface.  Her parents had been long time avid runners and had participated in many half marathons.  Erica decided to run the Inaugural Jeff Galloway Half Marathon in Atlanta in December 2012. This became her favorite race for two reasons-Victoria ran it with Erica and she finished in the time she had projected as her goal.  This experience was so rewarding that Erica began to compete in Half Marathons.

Erica’s favorite race is the 2017 Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon.  Erica anticipated that her mother and father would run this race with her. After registering for the race, she learned that her mother Victoria was suffering from liver failure and would have to go on the liver transplant list.  Because of a donor’s selfless decision to be an organ donor, Victoria received notice within twenty-four hours that a donor was available.  Erica ran the marathon with her daughter Erilynn and twisted her ankle two miles into the course.  Erica overcame this injury recalling her mother’s determination after a liver transplant to run and hobbled to the finish line completing the marathon.  Erica’s goal is to run the  Atlanta Half Marathon in October 2018.                  

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