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Rosie Barber - Running is in Her DNA

Rosie was born at Commerce BJC Hospital in Commerce, GA in 1967.  She was the youngest of three-older brother James and sister Judy.  Her father ran a successful small engine repair and mechanic business, as Rosie remembers he was always busy.  The business proceeds funded his hobby of flying.  He purchased several airplanes while earning his pilot’s single, multi-engine, commercial, instrument, and instructor’s license.  His expertise was recognized by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) who retained his services, and he developed a side enterprise as an instrument instructor. Flying became his fate, as he died in 2018 in an airplane crash due to engine failure.       

Rosie’s education after Jackson County High School progressed to earning a degree in Research Laboratory Technology from Athens College in 1988.  She was employed after graduation and moving to Hull, GA with Noramco (Johnson and Johnson) and later the USDA where she worked for seventeen years.  Five years ago, Rosie married that handsome stud Doug Barber and moved to Nicholson, GA.  Her expertise in molecular biology led to her current position with the University of Georgia as the lab supervisor in the Mycoplasma Diagnostic lab, a division of the UGA Poultry Diagnostic and Research Lab.  In language Colonel Sanders and Bob Slowpants can understand, Rosie preforms DNA testing on chickens for chicken diseases.  Considering the economic significance of the poultry industry in Georgia, Rosie can tell farmers and producers why their chicken is sick, but not who the chicken’s baby Daddy is!    

Rosie recalls a “time …where she weighed two hundred and fifty pounds”.  A gym program and treadmill miles helped Rosie lose one hundred and fifteen pounds. She knew that she had to continue an exercise regimen to maintain and continue to lose weight and included signing up for a 5K race as part of her program in 2012.  Her first race was the Tanger’s Outlet Fit To Run 5K.  Rosie and husband Doug began running a 5K a month.  In July 2017, they began to participate weekly in the Black Bag Series and learned about the Clover Glove Series and the Run and See Georgia Grand Prix.  Rosie is currently first in her age group in the Black Bag Series, second in Clover Glove, and second in Run and See Georgia Grand Prix.  She is currently training for the Atlanta Half marathon in October.

When not running Rosie enjoys crocheting and is learning to sew.  Doug has yet to model any of Rosie’s projects at weekend races.  Religion is an important ingredient in Rosie’s life.  She currently serves on the Altar team at her church and leads a small bible study group at Southside Church.  She describes her early life without elaboration as “a lot of hard times filled with hurt and pain”.  Rosie incorporates running in her spiritual life, and finds that the resulting “self-control, self-discipline, endurance…help her deal with life”.  She says she “looks at hills as battles with hurt and pain, but once we get over them, relief comes”.  When she finishes, she sees victory in her life and the race”. 

Bob checking out from the back of the pack.  Look for the on prolific selfie poster Randy Booth, and the  profile of Elaine Dixon.