Welcome to your new race series. 

Carole Black, Roger Keel, David Beeland and Tim BagleyYear 7 of the Black Bag Race Series is complete and the winner is...David Beeland.  David accumulated the most points for the year and was the winner of the Black Bag Race Series Will Chamberlin Memorial Cup.  He also receives a $100 gift certificate from Fleet Feet Sports in Athens.  Our second place runner, Roger Keel, will receive the Grand Prize of running Black Bag Races for FREE in 2019.

Black Bag Race Series is a race series that started in 2012.  Our desire is to make running beneficial to runners as well as race directors.  We have designed a point system that is competitive and easy to understand.

For 2019, Black Bag Race Series will continue it's partnership with Classic Race Services and The Clover Glove Series.  If a race is timed by Classic Race Services, it will automatically be on the series.  If a race is on the Clover Glove Series in 2019, it will also be on the Black Bag Series.  If you see the Black Bag Race Series logo, the Classic Race Services logo or the Clover Glove Series logo, you will know that race event will be on the Black Bag Series.

If you have any questions along the way, let us know.